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Human Designs Prosthetics and Orthotics Offers the OMEGA® Tracer® Laser Scanning for Cranial Remolding Orthosis

Computer Aided Design (CAD) for Correction of Infant Flattened Head Syndrome


July 7, 2008 (LONG BEACH, CA) – Human Designs Prosthetics and Orthotics is pleased to now offer the OMEGA Tracer, in conjunction with the use of the OMEGA Scanner, as an innovative, new CAD solution for the creation of cranial remolding orthoses to correct Plagiocephaly.

OMEGA® TRACER® LASER SCANNINGPlagiocephaly, also known as flattened head syndrome, is characterized by a persistent flat spot on the back or side of the head of an infant.  In order to normalize the flattening, an orthotist will custom fabricate a cranial remolding orthosis or helmet for the infant.  The infant will wear the helmet until the measured cranial discrepancy is within normal limits.

“The use of the Omega Scanner at Human Designs will allow us to use the newest technology available to capture the most accurate measurements of the infant’s cranium,” says Eric Ferraco, Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist and Founder of Human Designs.  “Rather than layering plaster onto the infant’s head, the laser can precisely scan the shape of the cranium and instantly project it onto the computer.”

To capture the shape of an infant's cranium, a fabric 'cap' is placed on an infant's head. The cap is form fitting, but not constricting and allows the infant to move freely. Using the OMEGA Scanner, an orthotist quickly scans an infant's cranium to obtain a digital image of the shape in the CAD software. This process, which takes minimal time, eliminates the need for casting plaster. Once the shape is electronically captured, the orthotist modifies the shape on the computer to obtain the desired correction. The shape is digitally transferred to an FDA-approved cranial remolding orthosis fabrication location. The entire process is more patient-friendly and less time-consuming, yet just as accurate, if not more so, than plaster casting.

OMEGA® TRACER® LASER SCANNING“Our development effort for the new cranial orthosis functionality in OMEGA Tracer has taken over two years,” stated OMEGA Tracer Director at Ohio Willow Wood, Mark Ford. “Our development process has included extensive patient testing, multiple revisions of the software to make it more clinician-friendly, and meeting the FDA standards associated with this unique orthotic device.

Recently approved as a Class 1 laser device, the OMEGA Scanner is a hand-held, 3D imager that is fully integrated with the OMEGA Tracer software. Exposure to the beam of a Class 1 laser will not result in eye injury and the FDA considers safe for use. This ground-breaking scanning device uses simple reflectors to better accommodate patient movement during shape capture and is accurate to +/- 0.5 mm over the entire surface area. The OMEGA Scanner weighs less than four pounds, making it completely portable.

“Because Human Designs is using an FDA-approved Class I laser, I know it is harmless to my baby,” says Jennifer McCarthy, mother of 7-month old Nathan.  “We were able to see Baby Nate’s image on the computer and tell exactly where the flattening has occurred.”

OMEGA® TRACER® LASER SCANNINGIn addition to using the OMEGA Tracer System for helmets, Human Designs will use the technology for their amputee patients.  The OMEGA Tracer software and OMEGA Scanner will enable the prosthetists at Human Designs to capture an amputee’s limb shape with an amazing level of accuracy, modify the shape to create a successfully-fitting socket, and then fabricate the socket more quickly for the patient.  Practitioners can also create custom-designed socket interfaces using this digital technology to greatly reduce the wear and tear that amputees commonly experience on their residual limbs. 


Human Designs was founded in 1990 and provides orthotics and prosthetics products to the Southern California region, from the San Gabriel Valley, through the South Bay and greater Long Beach area, and to all of Orange County.  Since its inception, the majority of the custom devices are fabricated on-site in order to directly influence and maintain quality assurance. Our highly skilled prosthetic and orthotic practitioners provide outstanding patient care through their compassion and professionalism. Website:

Ohio Willow Wood, located in Mt. Sterling, Ohio, is an innovative industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of prosthetic products, including the Alpha® family of liners, the Pathfinder® II foot and the LimbLogic™ Vacuum System. Website:

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